Nick Chides Caller Who Says Election Is Chance To Stop Brexit

19 April 2017, 09:02 | Updated: 25 April 2017, 14:11

Peter in Wimbledon gets quite a reaction from Nick Ferrari when he says this election is a chance to stop the "self harm" of Brexit.

"I see it as a perfect opportunity for all of us to derail Brexit," says Peter, "Hopefully unite behind the Lib Dems and stop this self-harm from happening.

"Every other member of the public has the opportunity to change their mind."

Nick couldn't quite fathom what Peter was saying - was he seriously proposing a rerun of the referendum?

"There's something called democracy and the referendum has taken place. That's it, it's over. We are Brexiting, it's just what sort of a Brexit it is.

"We are we are. We're not where you want to be. Get over it.

Peter responded: "We made a mistake."

"In your view we made a mistake, in the view of many other people, we made the right decision. That's what democracy is."

Nick then laid out why arguing about the outcome of a vote that took place nearly a year ago is futile, claiming that people like Peter were working as a handbrake on the nation's progress.

Peter had a memorable sign-off in store for Nick though, when he said the public should not have been allowed decide such an important issue.

"Nick, we asked the opinion of butchers on the procedure of brain surgeons."