Speeding Ticket At 31mph? Nick Tells Senior Cop Why It Won't Work

31 January 2018, 09:53

Motorists will be given speeding tickets for driving just 1mph over the speed limit. Nick Ferrari told the senior officer in charge why that simply won't work.

Anthony Bangham, Chief Constable West Mercia Police and the Roads Policing Lead for the National Police Chiefs' Council, said that drivers do not take speeding seriously enough.

He believes the "accepted" 10% buffer and speed awareness courses has meant motorists have become blasé about speeding.

But speaking to the Chief Constable on his LBC show, Nick explained the huge flaw in his plan.

Nick Ferrari is not keen on the new speeding proposals
Nick Ferrari is not keen on the new speeding proposals. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "I could have been doing 30, so I'm going to tie up your officers and you're going to have to defend your position and I'm going to get lawyers.

"That's a lot of money spent, isn't it? I'm going to argue that I was doing 30 and you're going to have to prove otherwise."

Mr Bangham responded: "Well if you chose to do that, it would tie up time, that's correct. But if you select to go on a course..."

Nick interrupted: "But I'm not going to do that, because I think I was doing 30. So I'll see you in court. That's a lot of money gone from your budget."

The Chief Constable insisted: "I get your point. But it is one of the most common complaints I get that we don't take speeding seriously, we're not doing enough about mobile phones.

"There is a requirement on us to be clear that our role in making roads safer is to be clear on the fact that will be go out and enforce it."