The startling difference in how UK and Dubai are dealing with coronavirus

22 May 2020, 10:59

By Adrian Sherling

This caller revealed the startling differences in how the UK and UAE are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic at airports.

The United Arab Emirates have suffered just 237 deaths from Covid-19 - and this caller suggested one of the reasons is how much more strict their measures are.

Farida said that her family had gone through numerous tests in Dubai Airport, but just allowed to leave once they got to Heathrow.

She said: "My husband and my daughter left Dubai yesterday. They landed into Heathrow Airport at 12 noon. Their journey through Dubai airport was very, very different to any journey they'd taken.

"They had to wear mandatory masks and mandatory gloves. There was was screening at check-in and then there was thermal testing done twice - once at check-in and once when you were getting on the plane.

"On the plane, there was social distancing - two spare seats between them and other people.

"When they landed at Heathrow Airport, it was completely different. There was no thermal testing that they could see being carried out.

"In Dubai, there's thermal testing even in the shopping malls - if you go to a supermarket, a security guard will check your temperature before allowing you in. So it's very surprising when you arrive at a border like Heathrow Airport and there is nothing.

A caller revealed the stark differences between Dubai and Heathrow airports
A caller revealed the stark differences between Dubai and Heathrow airports. Picture: Getty

"They are under no mandatory self-isolation at this point in time. No address was taken.

"In Dubai, from the 17th March when they arrived, there was a mandatory requirement for them to self-isolate for 14 days and there was a fine if they did. That is still in place.

"Indeed now, when you arrive in Dubai from any country, you are given a coronavirus test and put up in a special hotel 'isolation centre' where you have to remain for 14 days. You are then tested again after 14 days before being allowed to leave."

The UK is starting to take measures at the border. This afternoon, Priti Patel will announce a 14-day quarantine for any international travellers coming into the UK.

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