Strip Russia Of The World Cup Over Syria Involvement, Demands Ferrari

10 April 2017, 08:59 | Updated: 10 April 2017, 09:33

Nick Ferrari has called on FIFA to take the World Cup away from Russia in protest at their involvement in Syrian attacks.

Boris Johnson has called on Russian authorities to withdraw their support for Syrian President Bashar Assad following the chemical attacks last week.

Donald Trump's missile attack has led to a stand-off with Russia, with Putin saying the US had "crossed a red line".

And Nick believes taking the World Cup from Russia would be the sanction felt most strongly by the country.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nick said: "How on earth can we go and play football there in less than a year?

"I don't know how difficult it would be, I can't imagine it would be that difficult. Well they've got questions of course to be asked about the administrative prowess of FIFA.

"But wouldn't it simply make sense to say 'I'll tell you what, we're not going to Russia. We're not going to Russia because a) it just looks and feels and tastes wrong. And b) we've got too many security concerns with all these football players wandering around Russia at this time.'"

On top of security issues, many people think there are sporting reasons to remove the tournament from Russia, considering the country are already banned from the Olympics for their state-sponsored doping programme.