The moment Michael Gove loses bet with Nick Ferrari over England v Scotland

23 June 2021, 07:25

By Fiona Jones

This is the moment Cabinet minister Michael Gove bets with LBC's Nick Ferrari over the England v Scotland Euros result - and ended up having to pay £100 to a cancer charity.

The Aberdeen-born minister predicted that Scotland would beat England 3-0 in the match which took place last Friday and ended in a 0-0 result.

Nick, in disbelief, said: "I'll give you odds if you about £100 to go to a charity of either one's choosing, but I'll give you three to one that it's not 3-0 to Scotland.

"I'll give you £300 and you have to give me £100 and we'll choose our charity. What say you, Mr Gove?"

"Done," Mr Gove agreed.

"With your betting record I look forward to spending your money," Nick correctly predicted.

A cancer charity is now £100 richer thanks to Michael Gove.

Watch the moment above.