The Upsides Of Brexit That No One Ever Hears On The Media

1 February 2018, 07:52

Economics expert Liam Halligan dismissed the gloomy Brexit forecasts by listing out the upsides of Brexit that are never reported.

Buzzfeed leaked the government study into the impact of leaving the European Union, which left all regions and sectors in a worse position than they are now.

But Mr Halligan labelled economics as worse than astrology when it comes to predicting the future as he talked up some of the positives of leaving the EU.

Nick Ferrari spoke to economist Liam Halligan
Nick Ferrari spoke to economist Liam Halligan. Picture: LBC

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "We never hear about the upsides of Brexit.

"Like the fact that outside the Customs Union, food, clothing and footwear will be much, much cheaper, about 20% cheaper.

"That particularly benefits the poorer households in society.

"We never hear about the fact that we can do much better trade deals if we are just the UK, the fifth largest economy, because those trade deals can focus on services.

"The European trade deals never focussed on these, because it didn't suit the French and Germans.

"There are many, many upsides of Brexit. The government desperately need to start talking about them."