This Is Undoubtedly The Angriest Caller LBC Has Ever Had

12 July 2018, 10:21

This is the comical moment a caller got so angry at Nick Ferrari that he started screaming into the phone.

Andrew was livid that people are more angry at the Trump baby balloon than they are over the separation of migrant children from their parents.

And as he got more and more wound up, the call escalated very quickly.

When another caller Bill tried to make a point, an infuriated Andrew startled Nick by shouting down the phone.

Nick Ferrari smiles as he listens to a very angry caller
Nick Ferrari smiles as he listens to a very angry caller. Picture: LBC

Nick couldn't help but have a little sport with the angry caller, asking him: "I'm going to go for this one, wait for this one. Andrew: maybe their parents need to learn, then they wouldn't jeopardise their children."


"I got him with that one, didn't I?" smiled Nick.

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