Time For Tasers: "I'd Sooner Go Out Without Shoes Than My Taser" Says US Cop

6 September 2019, 08:18 | Updated: 6 September 2019, 08:20

This US police officer gave passionate backing for Nick Ferrari's Time For Tasers campaign, revealing: "I would sooner go out without my shoes" than his taser.

Nick Ferrari has written to the Home Secretary to request ring-fenced funding to arm all police officers with tasers following a sharp rise in assaults on officers.

Thirteen senior police chiefs have backed the call and yesterday, Chancellor Sajid Javid told LBC he would ensure that all police forces get the funding they need to protect their officers.

As part of the campaign, Nick travelled to the US to speak to police chiefs on why they have armed their police with tasers.

Nick Ferrari visited Yonkers Police to find out how they use tasers
Nick Ferrari visited Yonkers Police to find out how they use tasers. Picture: LBC

Sergeant Daniel Barahona of Yonkers Police told Nick he could never be a police officer in the UK. Asked if he could imagine going out without his gun and taser, he said: "Absolutely not.

"The job we do is dangerous and unpredictable. To go out there unarmed is insane to me.

"I give them [UK police officers] a lot of credit for doing what they do without the weapons and tools that we have here. I don't think I'd be a police officer over there, essentially going at the mercy of the wolves."

Captain Patrick Rooney added: "I would sooner go out without shoes than without all this kit."