It's Time For Tasers: Victory For Nick Ferrari's Campaign As Home Sec Announces Funding

2 October 2019, 07:31 | Updated: 2 October 2019, 13:12

The Home Secretary has announced funding for more police officers to be given tasers.

It is a victory for Nick Ferrari's Time For Tasers campaign, in which he wrote to Priti Patel requesting ringfenced budget for officers to be equipped with the weapons to protect themselves.

Ms Patel says she's been persuaded that more officers need the stun devices, following the campaign, saying attacks on them have been "horrendous".

Under the new plans aimed at making the Conservatives appear tough on crime, the Home Secretary announced that up to 60% of police officers could be equipped with Tasers with a new £10million fund.

Priti Patel announced more funding for tasers following LBC's campaign
Priti Patel announced more funding for tasers following LBC's campaign. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking to LBC, she said: "I have been persuaded to the fact that more officers should have the opportunity to be trained and equipped to have tasers and to use tasers.

"That operational decision is down to Chief Constables, but I'm giving them the opportunities.

"I think for new recruits in particular, when you look at the changing nature of crime, when you look at the changing threats that police officers are subject to, I think their training will reflect that.

"That is why, through the funding I've allocated for tasers, I've spoken not just about money for tasers, but for training officers as well to carry tasers should they want to."

Nick's Time For Tasers campaign took him to New York, in which he spoke to super cop Bill Bratton and NYPD chief Terence Monahan about how the devices have been a crucial tool for US cops. He even went on a training course to learn exactly how the stun guns work.

His letter, signed by 13 senior police chiefs, requested protected funding for forces should they choose to equip their officers with tasers.

And now, the Home Secretary has done just that.