WATCH: Nick Ferrari Goes On A Taser Training Course

4 September 2019, 08:49 | Updated: 4 September 2019, 08:56

Nick Ferrari went on a training course to learn how to use a taser as part of his campaign to equip all police officers with the device.

Nick has written to Home Secretary Priti Patel - backed by 13 senior police chiefs - to demand ring-fenced funding for all forces to give tasers to any officer who wants to carry one.

The public overwhelmingly backed the campaign, with an exclusive LBC poll suggesting 73% of the public think that all police officers in the UK should be armed with tasers.

Nick wanted to find out exactly what firing a taser involved, so he went to Gun For Hire, a training centre for the devices, to learn how to use one.

This is what happened.

Nick Ferrari firing a taser
Nick Ferrari firing a taser. Picture: LBC

The instructor Bob told Nick he had to aim the taser at the dummy, loudly say taser three times to let people know that someone will be exposed to a taser and then fire.

He then turned the safety on and the electricity stopped. But if the subject starts fighting back, you can press the trigger again and the electricity flows again.