Tory Deputy Chairman: We're "Very, Very Close" To Getting Changes To Brexit Deal

8 March 2019, 07:58 | Updated: 8 March 2019, 08:01

The Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party has told LBC the Government is "very, very close" to getting changes to the Brexit deal which can get through the House of Commons.

Theresa May holds the second meaningful vote on her Brexit deal on Tuesday. But she faces another defeat after Attorney General Geoffrey Cox returned from Brussels without any concessions this week.

But speaking to LBC, James Cleverly insisted they were close to a breakthrough.

He told Nick Ferrari: "We are very very close to getting something which will get through the House of Commons.

"A lot of people have said their concerns are over the same thing - the temporary nature or otherwise of the backstop. If we can get a little bit of movement on that, it will unlock a whole load of MPs, hopefully including the DUP and we can get this deal over the line on Tuesday and get out on time and in good order.

"These negotiations were always going to go to the wire. It was always going to be intense.

"But I think we have a good chance of landing this."

Nick Ferrari spoke to James Cleverly
Nick Ferrari spoke to James Cleverly. Picture: PA / LBC

Referring to the report in The Times that the Prime Minister will lose control of Brexit unless she holds a series of "humiliating" alternative votes, Mr Cleverly added: "The government should speak with one voice. And the government position is that we are looking to get that amendment to the backstop so that we can get it through the house and leave in good time and in good order.

"That's what I think the whole of the government should be working towards."