Tory London Mayor Candidate Reacts To Angela Smith's "Funny Tinge" Remark

19 February 2019, 10:48

Mayor of London Tory candidate Shaun Bailey gives his reaction to "Independent Group" MP's comment on skin colour.

Angela Smith, who resigned from the Labour Party yesterday, had to issue an apology over a comment she made during a discussion about racism in the UK.

The Independent MP said: "It's not just about being black or a funny tinge".

But after facing criticism for the remark, Ms Smith issued an apology online.

"I'm very sorry about any offence caused and I'm very upset I misspoke so badly, it's not what I am and I'm committed to fighting racism whenever I find it in our society," she said.

Ms Smith is one of seven MPs to quit the Labour Party to sit as Independent MPs.

Nick Ferrari put her comments to the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, who said that "it goes back to people's biases and things that they think are okay and probably are not."

Shaun Bailey said: "We're going to have to work through these issues.

"Sometimes we vilify people before we try to change them.

"I would ask that lady to explain herself, and I've got a few places in London I'd like to bring her so she can learn why it's such a good thing that we're such a mixed community."