Tory Slump Will Work In Their Favour, Believes Andrew Pierce

22 May 2017, 08:17 | Updated: 22 May 2017, 09:00

Andrew Pierce believes the Conservatives' slump in the polls will actually help their election campaign.

Polls over the weekend showed the Tory lead had been halved following their manifesto release.

The newspapers reported that it has caused jitters in Conservative HQ, but LBC presenter Andrew thinks it can play in their favour.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on LBC, he said: "We always get jitters at one point in the election campaign.

"I tell you what people have said to me... there is a bit of a jitter, but actually it's going to galvanise the Tories.

"A lot of Tories were worried that people so assumed the election was in the bag, with talk of a majority of 100, 150, nobody's going to now be saying Mrs May's on for a landslide of 140, you can't afford to vote Tory.

"So in a funny sense, Nick, if this poll lead stays around here - and my own view is it will creep back up - it helps the Tories in a sense because it will galvanise their supporters and Labour can no longer say 'You vote for Mrs May, you get a Thatcher-like landslide.'"