"UK's trust in government and big business is at an all-time low"

20 January 2020, 14:45

Trust in UK institutions is at an all-time low, thanks to our politicians - and only Russia is worse, according to this expert.

Ed Williams is the CEO of Edelman Europe, who carried out a Trust Barometer survey, looking at the way the public interacts with government and the media.

They found that things had slid in the UK, with the country second last in the 26 European nations in the study.

Mr Williams joined Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio and said that the way politicians and big businesses have acted has played a big part.

Nick Ferrari and Ed Williams
Nick Ferrari and Ed Williams. Picture: Studio Owned

The conversation withMr Williams highlighted that "lying politicians, self interested businesses and CEOs that work for themselves and not their employees" have contributed greatly towards the rising doubt that the public has towards UK institutions.

And he added that Brexit introduced a "poisionous" atmosphere into the debate.

Mr WIlliams said: "There is a belief that politicians are making society more divided. They are deliberately seeking to undermine institutions, and actually the majority of people now think polititians are more dishonest now than they have ever been before."

He added that the priority for recently appointed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to fix this is to focus on the priority issues for the public, such as healthcare, social care and crime.

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