UKIP's Leader Explains Why The Party Is Using A Lion For Its Logo

23 October 2017, 11:30

Henry Bolton told Nick the inclusion of the lion on UKIP's logo was about symbolism, not biology.

UKIP's leader Henry Bolton has told LBC they're working on adjustments to the party's logo because it's similar to the symbol of the Premier League.

Henry Bolton insists the logo is "fully bulletproof" in terms of copyright, but it may change in ways people "won't even notice."

He's told Nick, it's the symbolism which is important.

"I would call it similar, we're going to make some small adjustments to it probably.

"It's something we're working on. It may change in ways you won't even notice.

"It was adopted at our conference, it is fully bulletproof in terms of copyright - and we're not in the business of trying to start a football team, yet.

"The lion is trying to portray that we are British, that Britain is a strong country. Britain has a strong, proud tradition. It is British.

"I get it that lions now roam Africa but it's about the symbolism, not the biology of it."

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