Unconscious bias training: LBC's Political Editor finds out what happens on a course

10 July 2020, 08:12 | Updated: 10 July 2020, 08:28

By Adrian Sherling

After Sir Keir Starmer vowed to take an unconscious bias course, we sent LBC's political editor on the course to find out what he can expect.

The Labour leader said on Call Keir that he will sign up for unconscious bias training amid criticism of his response to Black Lives Matter protests, when he referred to it as "a moment".

Sir Keir said the training was being introduced “for all of our staff and I’m going to lead from the top on this and do that training first”.

Nick Ferrari sent Theo Usherwood to meet Danny Lunan, an equality and diversity trainer, to find out what Sir Keir can expect during his training.

He explained: "Unconscious bias stems from people who make decisions or choices based on their preferences and their prejudice.

"Bias is not something that's wrong, bias is very natural. The training that Sir Keir is going to take is going to explore what his own biases and prejudices are."

LBC's Theo Usherwood went on unconscious bias training
LBC's Theo Usherwood went on unconscious bias training. Picture: LBC

Danny revealed one simple situation that perfectly shows the unconscious biases that people have.

"Imagine, pre-lockdown, you're stepping on to a bus or a train and there are five available seats in front of you, all equidistant. But next to each of those five empty seats are five very different people. Someone may be overweight, maybe underweight, dressed differently, different coloured skin.

"Your prejudice and bias will determine which seat you sit in. Your preferences will kick in and in a split second, it will determine which seat you take - and you don't even realise you're doing it."

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