Nick Ferrari Vexed At MPs' Easter Holidays Amid Brexit Crisis

12 April 2019, 07:43 | Updated: 13 April 2019, 07:25

Nick Ferrari expressed his irritation at the fact MPs have gone on a two-week Easter recess, despite the ongoing Brexit crisis.

Theresa May has said that she plans to call for another vote on her Withdrawal Agreement "soon" but in the meantime MPs have been granted an Easter recess so they can take time to "reflect on the issues".

With the pressure of an imminent Brexit lifted, MPs were given the remaining two weeks of their Easter break from parliament, prompting cheers to erupt in the House of Commons yesterday.

Commons leader Andrea Leasom confirmed that MPs would rise at the close of business on Thursday and return on 23rd April.

In a briefing with journalists, the Prime Minister's spokesperson said that "fundamentally, probably people could use a break and I'm sure you would all agree with that".

However, Nick Ferrari disagreed. He acknowledged that there are extraordinary pressures on MPs, but that didn't stop his irritation with the Easter break which has been granted to them.

"How dare they. They talk about the importance of their role, they talk about the importance of democracy, and they're perfectly entitled to their views - how it's vital that we do delay Brexit or it's vital that we do proceed with Brexit, how it's a sell-out of democracy, how it's democracy actually expressing itself..."

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Nick continued: "It will be tough, you might only get a four day break...but guess what - that's what you're paid for".

Eventually Nick conceded that the Easter break was inevitable but had one final thing to say: "you have your bloody Easter holiday which is so important to you, but by God when you come back get this resolved, without the farce of £109 million being spent on European elections, that might put people, once you allow for summer holidays in July and August, might put them behind their desks in Brussels for about 5 or 6 weeks."