"Violent" BLM movement could lose Democrats the election, says Conservative commentator

3 November 2020, 08:46 | Updated: 3 November 2020, 08:49

By Fiona Jones

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter told LBC that the "militant, obnoxious, violent" Black Lives Matter movement in the US could cause the Democrats to lose the election.

Nick Ferrari interviewed the commentator ahead of the US election, which you can watch in full on LBC.

When he asked the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on the election, Ms Coulter replied: "I sort of assumed Trump was going to lose reelection for not being peddled to the metal and keeping his promises.

"The two things that made me think 'wow, the Democrats are doing everything they can to lose this election' are the riots. People don't like riots in their town."

Nick asked why that was the fault of the Democrats, to which she replied, "Black Lives Matter and Antifa has been militant, obnoxious, violent.

"The Democratic shut downs over Covid have made people really annoyed and that's definitely coming from the Democrats."

Donald Trump suggested in a Florida rally that he might fire the nation's leading Covid expert Dr Anthony Fauci after the election, with Trump supporters chanting "Fire Fauci".

Commentator Ann Coulter insisted that this was "just a joke" - although she said "it was very stupid for Trump to say."

She told LBC that she does not think Dr Fauci to go although he has been wrong many times, which is the exact phrase Trump used in his rally.

"I think the issue is a president has to be a president for all people and all issues, and infectious disease specialist looks at one thing...of course he's good at what he does, of course he should be part of what we're doing, but no I don't think he should be Tsar of the Universe, he's not the President," Ms Coulter said.

When questioned how well she believes Donald Trump has done she responded, "It's a virus that came from China, it is world-wide, I don't particularly have any complaints... he says a few dumb things but by and large, he's been peddled to the metal on the vaccine."

Ms Coulter confirms that if Trump loses he will certainly leave, after speculations he would insist on remaining.