Vulnerable people may have to isolate for "several more months," says Environment Secretary

29 May 2020, 08:32 | Updated: 29 May 2020, 09:35

By Fiona Jones

The Environment Secretary told LBC vulnerable people may have to shield for "several more months" as he conceded that the government "don't have the answer yet."

The Prime Minister announced in Thursday's press conference that from Monday up to six people can meet outside in parks and private gardens provided social distancing rules were maintained.

However while there is joy for many those in the shielding category must continue to do so, the Prime Minister said: "I hope to find ways to make life easier."

Environment Secretary George Eustice told Nick Ferrari that this is something the government is looking at.

"It is very very difficult because they are clinically vulnerable and obviously no one wants to visit family who might be in that group and find that they've given them the virus.

"We don't have answers yet, that's why they have to remain shielded for several more months," Mr Eustice said.

Nick Ferrari called three more months a "jail sentence"
Nick Ferrari called three more months a "jail sentence". Picture: LBC/PA

Nick, shocked, said, "Several more months? They've already done the thick end of three, this is beginning to become like a jail term. Are you saying they could be in there for another three months?"

He pushed Mr Eustice on the ways the government can make life easier for this group of people.

"We don't have the answers yet, if the Prime Minister had the answers he probably would have announced them is something that we are working on," Mr Eustice said.

He told Nick he recognised this is not good for the emotional health of shielding people which is why the government "wants to identify ways to make life easier for them so they can start to see friends and families again."

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