Wandsworth resident hit with huge fine for putting rubbish out early

26 January 2021, 08:26

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Another victim of council litter snoopers has told LBC both he and his father were fined after he put his rubbish out one day early.

After LBC reported yesterday on one Wandsworth resident who was hit with a £150 fine after council officials snooped through his rubbish to obtain his details, more callers have complained they have suffered the same.

Uwani Williams told LBC's Nick Ferrari he put his rubbish out on the day he believed it would be collected, and then was shocked to find he had been issued with a fine.

But, as Uwani told Nick it wasn't just him who was fined.

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Officials from Wandsworth Council had snooped through his recycling and found a box with a name and address on it and issued a fine to the person named, the caller told LBC.

Shockingly he said that person was his father, who was issued with a fine for £400.

When Nick asked him why his father was given a £400 fine, the caller said it was due to his name being on the box.

Left with no choices Mr Williams contacted the company who issued the fine and was told he either needed to pay the fine or attend court.

When Nick asked what his view of Wandsworth Council was the caller said he thought they were just trying to make profit off the public.

"The website and email address they have on the system leads directly to a payment," the caller said.

Nick Ferrari pointed out that Wandsworth Council would not provide anyone to speak to him on air about the issue, but warned people to be careful about where they put their rubbish or recycling.

In 2017 the council partnered with a private company NSL to introduce a team of six full-time Environmental Enforcement Officers equipped with body-worn cameras.

The company's website says the enforcers "patrol the borough’s streets and public spaces, with offenders receiving £80 Fixed Penalty Notices."

A freedom of information act request made to Wandsworth Council shows that in 2018/19, the total amount received for NSL issued FPNs was £275,616.