'We should punch the Taliban in the nose!' Former US Green Beret says

24 August 2021, 07:32 | Updated: 24 August 2021, 07:34

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Former US Special Forces officer tells LBC the West has taken the wrong posture in the evacuation from Kabul.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari the former US Special Forces officer Lieutenant Colonel Scott Mann said the response to the taking of Kabul was wrong.

When Nick asked how the West should respond to threats by the Taliban over the exit date for US and UK forces from Kabul the answer was swift.

"I'm a Green Beret, I think we should punch them in the nose."

Explaining the current deployment to the airport in Kabul the former SF officer said the 6,000 troops immediately formed a "defensive perimeter."

"Not even into the city, just right at the airport itself."

Lt Col Mann said this postured the US military as "feckless and on our heels."

He told Nick he could not believe after twenty years of operations in Afghanistan the West was "letting the Taliban call the tune on how we evacuate our citizens."

Yesterday, the Taliban warned failure of the US and UK to leave Afghanistan on time would "provoke a reaction".

The militant Islamic group said that the evacuation effort continuing in Afghanistan past the end of the month would be a "red line" and would "provoke a reaction".