This Is What Boris REALLY Thinks About Freedom Of Movement

1 December 2016, 07:34 | Updated: 1 December 2016, 08:53

Ask Boris Johnson November 2015

Does Boris Johnson actually support freedom of movement around the EU? As four ambassadors claim that's what he's told them, here is Boris in his own words from his LBC show last year.

This is from Ask Boris on LBC last November, when he was discussing whether Turkey should be allowed to join the EU.

In the video, he says that freedom of movement is not working in Europe and he's keen to regain control of our borders.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "I think the only circumstances in which Turkey could join Europe now is if we got back control of our borders and that's the key thing.

"I want to stress this.  I think Turkey should be part of the single market. There should be free trade, there should be free movement of capital.  There should be rights of companies to establish.

"But when it comes to freedom of movement of the kind we currently have with the rest of the EU that is plainly not going to work with Turkey. 

"And indeed, I don't think it's currently working with the rest of the EU.

"And this is the crucial point. This year we had a 330,000 balance of migration into this country, which was hundreds of thousands more than were officially predicted or indeed promised.

"That is entirely because of the open border system.  And my own view is we can't endlessly continue with that arrangement."