"What Don't You Understand?": Ferrari Fumes At Caller Over Brexit Deadline

6 September 2017, 08:30

Nick Ferrari blew his top after this caller suggested that Brexit negotiations can go on long after we leave the EU

Roy in Eastbourne suggested that the two-year deadline is self-imposed and we can just leave the European Union and then continue negotiations afterwards.

But Nick insisted that means we wouldn't have left the EU, likened it to selling your house but then not moving out.

A frustrated Nick Ferrari, taking this caller to task
A frustrated Nick Ferrari, taking this caller to task. Picture: LBC

Caller Roy said: "We're being misled, we're being told that everything needs to be sorted out by March 19. No it hasn't.

"After March 19, we're going to be a perfectly independent nation that can do what it likes when it likes."

But Nick had a very good point: "If we haven't Brexited, we won't be an independent nation.

"Obviously it doesn't work like that because the reason you have a deadline is that everything has to be resolved. The financial settlement, aspects of migration, aspects of law, aspects of cooperation going forward. They all have to be resolved."

When Roy suggested the deadline was artificially created, a frustrated Nick continued: "Don't you understand what the word deadline means?

"Shall we let it drag on until 2029 then? What was the bloody point for God's sake?

"We don't leave if we haven't resolved it. What don't you understand? What don't you get?"

Roy asked who would stop us leaving, but Nick boomed back: "We can't leave if we're still paying into it. It won't be signed off.

"It's like when you buy a house and sell a house. You have to get out of your house, you can't stay in it as well."