What has PM been doing for the last 12 weeks? Nick asks Health Minister

3 June 2020, 08:29

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari asked a Health Minister what the Prime Minister has been doing for the last 12 weeks after a newspaper headline said he was going to take control of the government's response.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Boris Johnson is to take "direct control" of the government's handing of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Ed Argar, Nick Ferrari asked: "What's he been doing for the last 12 weeks if he's not been in control?"

Mr Argar insisted: "Every time I've been on your show, I've been very clear that the Prime Minister is in charge. He has been leading this effort."

Nick pointed out that it says he will take direct control, adding: "If he's not been taking direct control, what does he take control of?"

Nick Ferrari asked why the PM hasn&squot;t been in "direct control"
Nick Ferrari asked why the PM hasn't been in "direct control". Picture: LBC / PA

The Health Minister responded: "I'm always cautious in assuming that a headline designed to catch attention is an entirely accurate reflection of the reality.

"I've been very clear working on this throughout that the Prime Minister has been throughout in control. He set the strategy even when he was in hospital and the government has pulled in one direction working to that strategy.

"So the boss has been in charge throughout this."

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