"What Will Happen To Me, Mrs May?": Heart-Wrenching Call From Carer

19 May 2017, 07:41 | Updated: 19 May 2017, 11:28

This caller, who cares for her mother, broke down live on LBC as she told Theresa May that under Conservative plans, she will be homeless when her mum dies.

Anna in Putney was in tears as she spoke to Nick Ferrari to respond to Theresa May's Conservative manifesto.

The manifesto, revealed yesterday, outlines that people worth more than £100,000 will have to pay for their own social care - but can defer payment until after their death.

It references that a patient's house can be used as capital after their death to help pay for the care they received late in life.

But Anna, who is her mother's primary carer, says that will leave her homeless when her mum passes away.

With a voice cracking with emotion, she said to Nick: "What's going to happen to me, Mrs May? Where are you Theresa May? What's going to happen to me?"

LBC listeners took to Twitter after being so touched by Anna's call.

Nick Ferrari Speaks To Anna In Putney: Full Call