Why won't Tories reveal manifesto costs, Nick Ferrari asks Chancellor

21 November 2019, 11:03 | Updated: 21 November 2019, 11:17

The Conservatives made a big deal of claiming that Labour will cost the country £1.2trillion if they get into power. So why won't the Tories reveal how much their manifesto will cost, Nick Ferrari asked Sajid Javid.

The Treasury claimed that they had costed the Labour plans - even including possible policy announcements that have not been included in their manifesto - a figure that Labour strongly deny.

Sajid Javid insisted he stands by that widely-disputed figure, so Nick Ferrari pressed him on it even more.

Nick Ferrari had some tough questions for Sajid Javid
Nick Ferrari had some tough questions for Sajid Javid. Picture: PA / LBC

Nick told him: "It includes policies like a motion to close down private schools - £35billion. But it's not in their manifesto, Chancellor.

"How can you price that in?"

Mr Javid said they would look at the release of the Labour manifesto and continued to insist that policies like the four-day week would be very pricey.

But when Nick asked him how much the Conservative manifesto would cost, the Chancellor refused to answer, saying they haven't released it yet.

Nick said: "Hold on, you were attacking Labour's before they published it. You went after them and only now have they published.

"Why can't we know your figure now?"

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