Acid Attack Victim Tells Nigel Farage He Wants To Meet Jo Brand Following Comments

13 June 2019, 19:11

Nigel Farage spoke to an acid attack victim who wants to meet Jo Brand to see if she can "make a mockery" in front of his face.

Nigel Farage was responding to the news that a comment made by Jo Brand about throwing battery acid at politicians is being assessed by the Metropolitan Police following an allegation of incitement to violence.

"It was pretty clearly aimed at me," Nigel said.

Mr Farage said: "My argument, very strongly is that, free speech does have its limits. And incitement to violence, incitement to harm against the person is beyond the realms of what is acceptable."

"I also believe that when it comes to humour there are some things that simply are not funny. There is no funny side to it what so ever."

Acid attack victim Joe Davies.
Acid attack victim Joe Davies. Picture: LBC

Mr Farage said it was "way beyond a joke."

Nigel spoke to Joe Davies who was a victim of an acid attack. Mr Davies said he found the comedian's comment "absolutely sickening," he said that he had been left with more than physical scars, but emotional and mental ones too.

When Nigel asked if Jo brand's comments brought the attack he suffered back to him Mr Davies said he lived with the memories "every day" but with Mrs Brand being a public figure it was not acceptable.

Addressing Jo Brand directly Mr Davies invited her into a meeting with himself and other acid attack victims, "to see if she can make a mockery in front of our faces," he said.

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