Boris Johnson’s Changing Stance On Syria Leaves Nigel Farage Startled

27 April 2017, 20:49 | Updated: 27 April 2017, 21:05

Boris Johnson has suggested the UK could join US action in Syria without the consent of MPs, but his comments have left Nigel Farage rather alarmed.

Nigel described the admission as “astonishing”, adding that it appeared Boris had completely changed his tune since taking up his government position.

The LBC presenter read out a long list of Boris’ previous criticisms of UK intervention in both Libya and Syria over recent years, before saying: “I don't know what happens to the people inside the Foreign Office, I don't know what they put in the water.

“Suddenly he goes from being a dove to a sort of US necon hawk and I can't believe it.”

He added: “We are friends with the Americans but we are not servile subjects to the Americans!”

Alluding to a recent airstrike by the US in Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack, Nigel finished: “I suspect that that one strike that Trump did on Assad will probably be the only one anyway.

“Goodness me, I have to say I do hope I'm right about that given what Boris has said today.”

Watch the epic rant in full above and see if you agree.