Brexit: Nigel Farage explains next steps after British MEPs left Strasbourg

16 January 2020, 19:52 | Updated: 16 January 2020, 19:56

Nigel Farage explained the next steps in Brexit process after British MEPs left the European Parliament today.

There is one more act to vote on that will take place in the European Union on 29th January which is "a formality but it is important," said Nigel, this is because despite all the work that's been done on Article 50 the EU could "theoretically veto the whole thing."

Nigel continued that the symbolism of British MEPs leaving the European Parliament signals a "brighter future ahead."

"We're leaving behind a really tired set of institutions, we're leaving behind the old world," he said, "an over-regulated world."

However with British MEPs leaving we go into a transition period "where we have to accept new EU laws but have no vote and no say over them and keep paying." Nigel pointed out that during time there will be "taxation and no representation."