Ardent Brexiteer Tells Nigel Farage Article 50 Should Be REVOKED

8 April 2019, 19:29 | Updated: 8 April 2019, 19:56

A passionate Brexiteer told Nigel Farage Article 50 should now be revoked because Britain had become the “laughing stock of the world”.

Paul said scrapping Britain’s EU exit, for now, had become the “best option”.

He spoke as the government and Labour continued cross-party talks in a bid to break the Brexit impasse.

On Wednesday, Theresa May will head to Brussels to meet EU leaders and try to secure another delay to the UK’s departure date.

But, Paul, a staunch Eurosceptic, admitted to Nigel he’d finally had enough.

A Brexiteer told Nigel Farage why he now wants Brexit scrapped
A Brexiteer told Nigel Farage why he now wants Brexit scrapped. Picture: LBC

“Europe has now made such a laughing stock of the UK, all the other countries around the world are looking at us and they’re rubbing their hands,”

“They’re going to start thinking ‘If Europe can pull the strings of the UK so easily and make such a mess of the UK if they do get out and they come for us for a trade deal, we can squash them right down and give them virtually nothing’.”

Nigel said he understood Paul’s frustration but disagreed with the solution.

“A one-year extension, an 18-month extension, whatever it is, actually gives us a chance… to get a proper prime minister who believes in Brexit and we can press the reset button,” Nigel added.