Passionate Brexiteer’s Message To Theresa May Wins Praise From Nigel Farage

11 March 2019, 19:30 | Updated: 11 March 2019, 19:33

As Theresa May headed to Brussels for last-ditch Brexit talks, this Leave supporter won the praise of Nigel Farage after a very energetic phone call to LBC.

Jonathan from Windsor urged the Prime Minister to get tough with the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker during her meeting in Strasbourg on Monday night.

Nigel Farage lauded the caller on Monday night
Nigel Farage lauded the caller on Monday night. Picture: LBC

And after being taken aback by the caller’s passionate monologue, Nigel replied: “I love your optimism, I love your confidence, I hope the Prime Minister is listening, I hope she gets some spirit from you, Jonathan.”

Meanwhile, Nigel has urged Mrs May to warn the EU she is still prepared to walk away without a deal.

“I just wonder whether she’s got the spirit, the strength, the resolve to do it - oh I do hope so, but I doubt it,” he said.

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