Caller Asks Farage: “How Would You Feel If Nigels Were Barred From The UK?”

18 October 2017, 20:30

This is the moment a caller turned an immigration debate on its head, by asking Nigel Farage “how would you feel if Nigels were barred from entering the UK?”

The LBC presenter was speaking as a second US judge blocked Donald Trump's latest travel ban on citizens from certain countries.

Speaking from Hollywood, Nigel said it was time the UK looked at implementing similar rules, in a bid to prevent any future terror attacks.

This prompted Hatti to instantly call in and challenge Nigel, who was broadcasting from Hollywood.

She said: “If I said to you 'right everyone called Nigel is no longer allowed to travel' how would you feel?

“You'd feel penalised and quite frankly if I then said to you 'Right Nigel here's a video showing what they're doing to all the Nigels out there, look what they're doing, they're torturing you Nigel, and now they're not allowing you to travel.”

Watch Nigel’s response above…