Caller Confronts Nigel Farage Over The Single Market

5 September 2017, 21:08

This is the moment that Nigel Farage was accused of "spinning that line again over numbers" after a heated exchange with a caller

The heated exchange, which lasted over four minutes, left both LBC caller Leanne and Nigel disagreeing over how leaving the single market will impact on financial services.

Leanne says: “I have a friend who heads up a Brexit team for a major bank in England and they have they already taken seven billion pounds worth to Paris.

"So if you think that leaving the single market isn’t going to have an effect, I don’t know where you’re coming from with that.”

Nigel responds asking: “Do you think the British government, mandated by the British people, should be in charge of Britain’s biggest industry? Or an unelected group of people in Brussels and Luxembourg and else where?”

Watch the clip in full above.