Caller Defends Boris Johnson But Makes It Clear She's Not A Rory Stewart Fan

17 June 2019, 19:41

This caller is a huge supporter of Boris Johnson and thinks he will unite the country, she had a few choice words on Rory Stewart too.

Trisha called in to have her say on Boris Johnson, who she thinks is "doing the right thing" by not taking part in TV debates.

She called LBC to say it was "totally degrading" to have "MPs selling themselves like they were on auction" during the TV debate, which Mr Johnson refused to attend.

Telling Nigel Farage she would rather see one-on-one questioning to prevent interruptions.

Nigel Farage grinned when the caller said Rory Stewart was "vindictive"
Nigel Farage grinned when the caller said Rory Stewart was "vindictive". Picture: LBC

Nigel said when you are "auditioning" to be Prime Minister you have to sell yourself to a certain extent, but Trisha did not agree.

"Not to that audience," she replied, "they're not going to have the casting vote."

Trisha said she didn't think Boris Johnson's views had changed and he was an "inspirational character" who could "pull the country up."

Moving on to Rory Stewart the caller said she thought he had a "vindictive nature" and told Nigel Farage she thought the was "sneaky."

Watch the whole exchange at the top of the page, or watch the whole Nigel Farage show here.