Caller Demands A Second Referendum Now He Has More "Evidence"

30 May 2019, 19:56

Nigel Farage tells this caller what it will take for him to support a second referendum during a heated exchange.

The caller said: "During the 70s lies and betrayal which meant we joined the European Union.

"And then, in 2016, absolute truth all round, and swing voters like myself though 'yeah, I can see £350 million being better for the NHS'."

The caller said at the time he though "Turkey joining the EU might not be a good idea."

"That was all true, wasn't it Nigel," the caller said sarcastically.

The Brexit Party leader said: "Turkey joining the European Union has been on the agenda since 1961."

"One of David Cameron's biggest ambitions as Prime Minister was for Turkey to be a member of the European Union," Nigel said. Adding: "That was absolutely true at the time, and circumstances change."

The Brexit Party leader was taking listeners calls on LBC.
The Brexit Party leader was taking listeners calls on LBC. Picture: LBC

The caller came back and said: "Circumstances change Nigel?" Adding that "more evidence comes to light."

"Am I not allowed my democratic right to review all of the evidence in front of us now?" The caller asked.

The exchange between the two got heated, and the call ended with Nigel telling the caller under what circumstances he would give him a second referendum.

Watch the video above as the exchange gets fiery or watch the whole Nigel Farage Show here.