Caller Warns Of "Pseudo Patriotism" When Supporting British Businesses

10 February 2019, 13:14

A caller who shifted his backing from Remain to Leave tells Nigel Farage that government should be helping businesses become more brilliant rather than concentrating on "pseudo patriotism".

The "agnostic Remainer" told Nigel that "pseudo patriotism" isn't the right way think about Britain's trade after leaving the European Union and government should instead by incentivising.

Jonty said: "Incentives should be to give tax breaks, incentives to companies to form and to come here, to create the best of British in Britain, rather than concentrating on pseudo patriotism.

"If we start subsidising British companies just because they're British, then we're going to go down the economic curve to destitution."

Nigel Farage in the LBC studio
Nigel Farage in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

When Nigel asked how he could reassure people that going down the unilateral free trade route would not cost a lot of jobs, he said: "Manufacturing is no good unless the thing being made is providing value".

"What matters is being competitive, being brilliant," he said.

It comes as the head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) issued warnings that trade deals with other parts of the world won't be ready for when the uK leaves the bloc.

Carolyn Fairbairn said: "I think we are in the emergency zone of Brexit, we don't have a deal on the table and firms are having to plan in the here and now for a no-deal Brexit with all of the pain that it will bring."