Caller Tells Farage: Offending Christians Is The New Normal

4 April 2017, 21:20

When Nigel Farage asked caller Pauline if Christianity was under attack from secularism, the atheist claimed it appeared “acceptable” nowadays to “attack” the religion.

The conversation was sparked following the huge row over whether Cadbury and the National Trust dropped the word "Easter" from their egg hunts.

"I think that attacking Christianity has become acceptable in this country," Pauline told Nigel. "And I find that Christianity is attacked by liberals, by feminists, by gays, by atheists even by comedians.”

The LBC caller continued: “Nowadays everyone says it's all free speech and that you know it's a freedom to offend Christianity but all of that changes when it's other religions in this country.

"Suddenly if you try and do that then you're labeled xenophobic or Islamophobic."

Nigel said he agreed with Pauline who made her point "beautifully".

"I think that if we're going to give rights to all sorts of different groups and we're going to live in a tolerant society, tolerance is a two way street," Nigel added on his nightly LBC show from Strasbourg.

He finished: "I do actually think that people of strong Christian faith are being beaten down from all sides by everybody and they're not getting a very fair rub of the green quite frankly, so Pauline I'm with you 100 percent." 

Watch what Nigel made of the Easter egg row here.