Caller Tells Nigel Farage "There's No Trust" In Politicians

10 October 2019, 21:19

A caller tells Nigel Farage we need a general election because "there's now no trust in any of these politicians."

The caller Michael said election is win-win because "if Boris gets a deal, he will get a majority and we will have a stable government for a while which is what we need, we need stability in this country.

"If he gets no deal, he'll get in with your lot if you get your act together about tactical position of MPs, as the other side seem to be doing.

"With a referendum it's lose-lose because if you're a Brexiteer, let's say it's a confirmatory vote and it confirms Leave, then all the Remainers are going to be really unhappy.

If Remain win, all the Brexiteers will be unhappy and it'll drag on and on and on. The divisiveness -"

"It'd be horrible, yes," said Nigel.

Caller: "John Bercow should be sacked today"
Caller: "John Bercow should be sacked today". Picture: PA

The caller continued that the actions of politicians, including John Bercow's meeting with the EU who he said should be sacked today, means "there's now no trust in any of these politicians, so we have to have an election so people can vote."

Michael said:"To suggest that any other issues would be voted on is nonsense. This is the issue, it's been the issue for three and a half years and it needs to be sorted and finished one way or the other."

Nigel asked: "You think the election would be so dominated by Brexit that that'd effectively be the choice?"

"Well LBC's been dominated by it for three and a half years. Everything has."