Caller Who Voted Leave Calls To Revoke Article 50 As Country Is In "Doomsday Scenario"

4 September 2019, 21:16 | Updated: 4 September 2019, 21:29

Watch as an emotional caller says that while he voted to Leave, he would now revoke Article 50 because he says the public are being fed a "Doomsday scenario... every single day."

The LBC caller Len defended the general public and said the vote should go back to the people. He asked "Don't MPs care how people up and down the country feel?"

He then said those in Parliament are in a "Westminster bubble" and said their actions are having "a profound effect on ordinary working people."

LBC presenter Nigel Farage questioned whether Len wanted Parliament to "cancel the whole thing" and the caller replied that we are now more informed "about the lies and the deception" than we have ever been before, the general public should have another vote.

Listen to the impassioned call above, or click here to watch the whole of Wednesday's Nigel Farage Show.