Caller Accuses Nigel Farage Of Talking “Complete C**p” About Terrorism

6 June 2017, 20:38 | Updated: 6 June 2017, 20:55

A furious caller has accused Nigel Farage of talking “complete c**p” when it comes to terrorism.

The pair clashed after the outspoke politician claimed nightlife had still not recovered in Manhattan since the 9/11 Twin Tower attack.

Andrew in Walthamstow was also not happy that Nigel wanted Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK to go ahead, despite calls from the likes of Sadiq Khan for it to be cancelled.

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Speaking to the LBC presenter, who was broadcasting from France, Andrew fumed: “You just said Wall Street has never recovered since 9/11 that’s a load of rubbish - it’s complete c**p.

“I worked there in 2001, I worked there in 2002… It’s since recovered and I think it’s really disingenuous for you to say that.”

Turning his attention to Trump, the caller continued his rant: “Why should he be there when he deliberately targets the London Mayor?”

He added: “It’s absolutely disgraceful, he doesn’t deserve to come here.”

As you can imagine, Nigel had a lot to get off his chest in response. See what he had to say in the fiery video above.