Outraged Jeremy Corbyn Supporter Likens Theresa May To Kim Jong-Un

9 May 2017, 20:59 | Updated: 9 May 2017, 21:03

Nigel Farage couldn’t help but laugh when this furious Labour supporter compared Theresa May to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Claire got in touch with Nigel because she was “sick to death” of the media “misinterpreting” Jeremy Corbyn’s message.

It’s after he failed to confirmed whether Britain was leaving the EU if he became prime minister during an interview on Tuesday.

Unhappy with the flak her party’s leader was receiving, Claire took to the airwaves in a passionate defence.

She told Nigel: “Every time Jeremy Corbyn says something it's reinterpreted, it's deliberately misinterpreted and it's misrepresented.

“He has moved on, he cares about the NHS, he cares about £10 an hour and now it's an absolute fallacy and it's completely wrong to try to say that we don't know what he's about, he's very, very clear.”

Turning her attention to Mrs May’s campaigning strategy for the forthcoming election, Claire urged the Tory leader to “stop telling us how dreadful Jeremy Corbyn is”.

In a line that made Nigel chuckle, Claire continued: “She's like Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader telling everybody that you vote for her, the Conservative Party doesn't exist anymore and the Supreme Leader must be followed without question.”

You can watch Nigel’s response to Claire’s fiery rant above.

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