Coronavirus: Nigel Farage slams "huge inconsistency" in government response

5 March 2020, 19:50 | Updated: 5 March 2020, 22:03

By Fiona Jones

Nigel Farage was furious at the inconsistency in the government's response to the pandemic.

The UK haven't banned flights from high-risk areas so this is enabling the virus to spread, Nigel pointed out, listing the flights that landed here today alone.

"On the one hand we're told by the government that one in five of us could finish up not working, we're told by the government that up to 80% of the country could catch this," said Nigel.

"We know that the absolute cause to begin with was air travel... so we're given all these warnings about what we have to do and what may happen and yet we're still allowing flights to come into this country from Tehran, Northern Italy, Japan, Hong Kong.

"We don't check medically a single person!" Nigel said, "Unless they appear very obviously to have symptoms."

He called the Prime Minister's response to the virus hugely inconsistent and compared it to the US where President Trump stopped flights coming from China back in January.

The first UK patient has died of coronavirus as the domestic cases have surged to 115.