Nigel Farage: Cummings fiasco ruins government's lockdown authority

24 May 2020, 13:12

By Seán Hickey

The government's authority is evaporating before us the longer they stand by Dominic Cummings in the midst of a scandal.

Nigel Farage was taking calls on whether or not Dominic Cummings' position has been compromised due to his apparent flouting of lockdown.

Rick called in to the show and told Nigel that the scandal is a distraction which is trying to undermine Brexit and claimed Sir Keir Starmer was behind the media circus which is putting Mr Cummings in the limelight.

Nigel, in a surprising turn, sided against Mr Cummings and claimed that the media attention against Boris Johnson's adviser is justified. He told Rick that "if you're at the top of the tree instructing and ordering people" it is crucial that you follow your own rules.

"If you're seen to be above the law then you're in real trouble" he added.

Nigel Farage believes the longer the scandal goes on, the less people will listen to the government
Nigel Farage believes the longer the scandal goes on, the less people will listen to the government. Picture: PA

Nigel read out messages from listeners claiming that they will now ignore lockdown rules seeing as government officials do the same. "What this story does is it blows apart the government's authority over lockdown."

Rick maintained that the reason the government's authority is being undermined is because the Labour Party are doing all they can to undermine the government. "Forget Keir Starmer, he's not n government" Nigel quipped.

"Can't you see the government's authority is melting before our eyes" he asked, after breaking down the same argument again, pointing out that the more the government defends him, the more their lockdown strategy will be ignored.