Nigel Farage: Dominic Grieve Vote Shows How Split Tory Party Is

31 March 2019, 12:31 | Updated: 31 March 2019, 12:34

'Broad church Conservatism is out of date' says Nigel Farage, as he gives his response to Dominic Grieve losing a vote of confidence in his constituency.

Speaking on his LBC show, Nigel Farage said that the defeated vote of confidence in Tory MP Dominic Grieve for his support to remaining in the European Union shows how "hugely split" the Conservative Party is.

The former attorney general lost the motion by 182 votes to 131, and has not been deselected.

But the result has sparked calls for Mr Grieve's local party to be suspended.

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Nigel Farage in the LBC studio
Nigel Farage in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"The Conservative Party has to make a decision," said Nigel.

"Not just Mrs May this week in terms of half a dozen of cabinet ministers might resign on one side of the argument 10 might resign on the other.

"But I think actually the Conservative Party has to make a decision.

"Boris Johnson was tweeting that 'it was terrible what happened to Dominic Grieve, he's a good Conservative'.

"I'm sorry Boris, that's out of date.

"The broad-church Conservative Party argument is out of date and it's just a reflection of just how hugely split the Conservative Party really is."