EU Citizen Tells Nigel Farage: I Want To Live Under British Law

11 December 2017, 20:22 | Updated: 11 December 2017, 20:27

An EU citizen living in Preston has told Nigel Farage he is “perfectly happy” living under British law.

Theresa May has written an open letter to the three million EU citizens living in the UK.

In it, the Prime Minister issued a direct plea, telling them “I want you to say”.

It’s after a deal was struck between the UK and EU on Friday to move Brexit talks on to phase two.

Part of the agreement means EU citizens living in the UK will have their rights enshrined in UK law and enforced by British courts.

Posted by Theresa May on Monday, 11 December 2017

However, the European Court of Justice will have jurisdiction over EU citizens' rights for eight years after withdrawal.

But Jurgen, originally from Sweden, told Nigel Farage he doesn’t think that’s right.

He said: “I've been living in the UK now since 1998 and I just can't believe how they're treating Britain to be honest. I've lived under British law and I wish to live under British law.”

The caller added: “I don't understand why any citizen would be treated differently to a British citizen. British law should rule really.”