EU Contractor Claims He’s Been Let Go For Making “Inappropriate” Brexit References

19 October 2017, 20:18

A British contractor who has worked for the European Commission for 12 years claims he’s been let go for making “inappropriate references” to Brexit.

Jason from Guildford told Nigel Farage his role was to explain the financial statements to people within the commission, ranging from junior workers to high-profile politicians.

But, he says that’s now ended after he gave a presentation which described the commission’s accounts as “insolvent by 60bn euros” because of a pension deficit.

He claims the EU “expects” Britain to “completely pay off”, something the bloc was not happy with him “repeatedly referring to”.

“My role at the commission is to explain the financial statements factually, I’m not taking a political stance,” Jason said.

“I’ve got no right of appeal. I’ve emailed the relevant offices I can find, they’ve blocked my emails, they’ve just said they’ve come to that conclusion, they haven’t sent me a proper reason just ‘we don’t want you anymore’.”

LBC is contacting the European Commission for a response.