Ex-police officer tells Nigel Farage why crime rates are sky high

23 January 2020, 19:50

This ex-police officer told Nigel the reason why crime rates are rocketing after it was announced today knife crime has reached an all time high.

Nigel asked Stewart, an ex-police officer of 10 years, "Is it fair of me to say Theresa May should be carrying some of the burden for this? After all, it was on her watch that police got cut so much."

"Massively. Theresa May was the reason I left in 2012," said Stewart and cited pay freezes and pay cuts, "a lot of good officers have left the police."

Nigel Farage asked Stewart if it is possible for us to adopt a very tough style of policing like Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York who radically cut crime rates by taking a zero tolerance approach.

"They need that certainly in London," said Stewart, "I think the people at the top are too PC, too worried about their reputation and next promotion to force harsh measures that they may initially be criticised for. That's certainly what's needed in London at the moment."

Nigel observed that Stewart sounded "disappointed in the police."

Stewart said he is, "I joined it as a career to do my 30 years and had become very disillusioned with it to the point that I left and went into a job."

He said former colleagues and friends still in the force have low morale and good police officers have left.