Farage To Blair And Clinton: Sorry, Look At The Figures, Europe Is Moving To The Right

22 October 2017, 11:46

A eurosceptic party has won a resounding victory in the Czech Republic, Nigel Farage recognises a European trend.

Populist billionaire Andrej Babis and his ANO movement decisively won the Czech Republic's election on Saturday in a vote that shifted the country to the right.

Since the president usually asks the leader of the strongest party in parliament's lower house to try to form a new government, Mr Babis could be the country's next prime minister despite allegations of fraud linked to European Union subsidies and other scandals.

That would produce another Eurosceptic government in Central Europe.

And in a blow to the country's traditional political elite, four of the top five vote-getting parties on Saturday were ones that have challenged the traditional political mainstream.

The UKIP MEP said Europe is becoming Eurosceptic
The UKIP MEP said the Czech result showed, Europe is becoming Eurosceptic. Picture: LBC

Nigel Farage used the result to hammer europhiles. "Much as our politicians are becoming a lot more pro-EU, across the rest of Europe we're seeing a very different picture.

"The elections last weekend in Austria saw the conservative party, who certainly want immigration controls, top the polls. But we also saw the Freedom party, very hardline eurosceptics, getting 26 per cent of the vote.

"And over night we've got the results in from the Czech general election, and a populist billionaire and his party have won and they've won it by a mile.

"He is saying that the European union needs to learn the lessons of Brexit and he wants strict immigration controls.

"Once again what we see if the pro-EU party collapsing. The revolution of 2016 is still rolling. It's still happening.

"And I know that Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton and others don't want to believe it, look at the figures, it's still happening.

"Europe is moving not just to the right but it's moving in a very, very firmly eurosceptic direction.

"Mrs Merkel's folly of saying 'anyone that wants to come will be welcome' has fundamentally changed European politics.

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