Farage Clashes With Caller Over Second Referendum

24 January 2017, 21:06 | Updated: 24 January 2017, 23:19

Nigel Farage Angry

When a caller suggested a second referendum on the Brexit terms, Nigel Farage was forced to step in and say why he thought that was a very bad idea.

Calling Nigel on his LBC show, Michael said: "If you really believe in the sovereignty of people to make the right decisions, why are you so terrified of them being asked to make another decision, with another referendum, on the deal that is going to be done?”

Nigel hit back: “I’ll tell you why Michael, because I’ve seen too much of this!

“I saw it back in 1992 when the Danes voted No to Maastricht and were forced to vote again.

“I saw it once again when the French and Dutch vetoed the European Constitution to be totally ignored and for it to be rebranded as the Lisbon Treaty.

“I saw it last year when the Dutch voted against extending a deal to the Ukraine and they were ignored.”

Nigel finished: “I have seen what the political class across the rest of Europe have done, now they’re trying to do it in my country and I don’t like it Michael!”