Nigel Farage: I Don’t Want Britain To Be America’s Poodle

10 April 2017, 19:56 | Updated: 10 April 2017, 20:14

Nigel Farage blasted Boris Johnson for not “having the guts” to go through with a planned trip to Russia.

The LBC presenter said the Foreign Secretary’s decision to scrap his visit to Moscow following the chemical attack in Syria showed Britain was becoming “America’s poodle”.

Mr Johnson argued recents events had “changed the situation fundamentally”, adding the UK condemned Russia’s “continued defence” of the Assad regime.

But, speaking on his nightly LBC show, Nigel argued the move showed Britain was relying on Donald Trump’s America to sort out the situation.

He said: “What we're doing here is we're not just condemning Bashar Al-Assad, we're condemning Russia for being his ally effectively. We're saying it's Russia's fault that this terrible gas attack happened last week.

“Quite why Boris is is happy to speak to the microphone condemning Putin's Russia but he doesn't seem to have the guts to want to go there himself and talk to them seems to me he's rather subcontracted that out to Rex Tillerson and the USA.”

Nigel finished: “I’m a supporter of Donald Trump and I'm nervous about these developments.

“I want us to be close friends and allies with America but I don't want us to be America's poodle and it seems to me that Boris by not going by leaving it all to the Americans effectively that is what your doing.”